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5 Key Tips For Taking Your Business International

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We live in a deeply interconnected world, with networks criss-crossing the Earth, and global markets reforming the way we do business on a daily occurrence. It can be both easy and tempting – in this age of online markets and internet-based audiences – tomatically international in nature. However, the reality is that building and developing your brand beyond your regional or national borders is at once more complex and more rewarding than many first realise.


The first question we’d encourage brand owners looking to gain, alongside when, where, and how it will happen.


These questions should all have concise answers, and those answers will assist you in deciding how a brand management agency might be able to pay.


Here at Haus of Hendricks, we’re always keen to help our clients achieve their absolute growth potential, and we know – on a profound level, and with proven results – how good branding practices and eye-catching design can help that happen.


We will be able to the world.


Tip 1: Know Your Brand Inside-Out


If you’re serious about shifting from a local market to find problems arising in how that brand is perceived within a different environment or culture.


A brand should be seen as a spirit expressed in a service or product, and in addition to your core line-up. Even something as fundamental as your brand name might need addressing; an idea, concept, or word might have utterly different implications within another language or cultural context.


Tip 2: Tailor an Impactful Story Around Your Philosophy


More often than not, the sto highlight certain aspects of your brand philosophy over others, while in other markets, the opposite might be true.


When brands are looking to highlight different facets in different markets.


Your website, brand design, and brand message should be able to achieve this all-important goal.


Tip 3: Formulate a Plan for Progression


Many brands breaking foreign markets will need to your success.


Your brand may start out as a market outlier, with the intention tor. No matter your approach, planning is paramount.


Tip 4: Be Open to Serendipity


Opportunities are prone to the company, thius steering the decisions which lie ahead.


Such factors.


Tip 5: Expect and Plan for Local Competition


The very moment you land your brand in a foreign market, the entire dynamic around your competitiveness shifts and changes. Indeed, once you break new territors have as you start trading in theirs.


As brands start competing in more and more countries, studies have shown that they attract diminishing loyalty from their the public or their target audience members. That doesn’t mean that one shouldn’t consider expansion – it’s merely a reminder that as you do expand overseas, you’ll need tors.


Your competitory, and successfully develop your brand in each country you access.


The branding experts at Haus of Hendricks might not be able to a singular location or culture, after all – it’s a truly international language!


Executive Checklist


  • Has your business had the time to consult with branding experts regarding how your overseas expansion will look, sound, and feel like?
  • Do you have a watertight plan for progression in place, and contacts who can help you succeed in a new market?
  • Do you have the funds to a branding agency?


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