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5 Unmissable Tips for Successful Rebranding Post-Pandemic

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The storm of COVID-19 will undoubtedly pass. However, the world it leaves behind will be, without a shadow of a doubt, a significantly different place. People all across the world will be thinking differently, behaving differently, and consuming in markedly different ways. Indeed, we have already seen the beginnings of this shift right across the board, and companies are – quite understandably – asking themselves how they can best survive in a post-pandemic world.


Here at Haus of Hendricks, we’re always positioning ourselves ahead of the curve, and we have the to help you navigate that which lies ahead.


A Golden Opportunity for a Fresh Approach to Branding


If there has ever been a time torm.


Now, perhaps more than ever before, empathy and putting consumer experiences first are the keys top for the foreseeable future.


So, what should you be keeping in mind for your post-COVID rebranding? Let’s take a closer look at five essential tips to help you emerge during these difficult times.


Emphasize the Local


The world got smaller during the pandemic, and not necessarily in a bad way. The trend for local, regional, seasonal, and low-carbon footprint products and services may have started several years ago, but COVID-19 turned the trend into a necessity.


Brands that can heighten their links to slash their air miles.


Keep it Real


In fact, don’t just keep it real, but keep it unpolished, organic, and tactile. We’ve all come tories travelling further and faster than the perfectly-polished branding efforts which went through months of production.


Trust in marketing has never been more important, and rebranding efforts that show their human side, connecting on a more human level are likely to get creative, and effectively compete with bigger companies.


Address the Reality


COVID-19 has changed the world, and it’s changed your industry, to ignore the impact and reality of coronavirus would, most likely, is making a costly mistake – COVID-19 has become the zeitgeist, and sticking your head in the sand and pretending nothing has happened will do nothing more than making your consumers see you as aloof, even uncaring, in a time when empathy and connectivity is everything.


That’s not to ensure a safer, brighter, more caring future.


Adapt Your Tone


The key tone.


How you adapt your brand to be cynical… which, in the era of conspiracy theories and poor leadership, is the last thing anyone needs.


Ignite Delight


We’re all in need of an extra splash of colour, a moment of fun, or the chance to genuinely connect with the consumer with follow-up action.


Consumer delight comes down to get involved in.


Executive Checklist


  • Have you established a branding road map that is as detailed as your business strategy, and will it help you navigate the uncertain times ahead?
  • Have you redefined your value proposition post-pandemic, and are you ready tomer base?
  • Do you have a robust team in place to execute your branding needs, and which will enable the creative, bold, and innovative ideas required for a post-pandemic business landscape?


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