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Creating a Sustainable Brand in Dubai

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Sustainability is so much more than a buzzword – not least in the wake of the global pandemic, when consumers have awoken more than ever to consumerism.


Dubai is a city which consistently looks to the sustainable credentials of the brands they follow.


Here at Haus of Hendricks, we’ve seen first-hand time and time again the impact that proven sustainability, an eco-conscious brand strategy, and a more caring and ethical approach has on brands and their custo pay a premium for sustainable products and services.


Let’s take a look at five ways your brand can pivot to increase its sustainability, reaping the rewards that arise from this important and timely step.


Listen to Your Audience


Make no mistake, aspects of your custo come.


Conducting market research should always inform the first stages of any pivoting or brand developments, and getting to move your strategy forwards. Haus of Hendricks benefits from years of experience in consumer research, and can help you identify key trends and expectations that may give you an important competitive edge.


Take a Closer Look at Your Current Practices


Pivoting to become more sustainable isn’t always about starting again from scratch; sometimes it’s just a matter of sharpening current practices, or seeking out areas for improvement.


Think, for example, about your supply chain – where are your products or materials sourced from? How are they transported? Are there viable alternatives that can improve your sustainability credentials and boost your presence in this regard?


Alleviate Your Consumers’ Concerns


After researching your customers of your next steps and intentions.


Many brands have seen considerable success arise from this kind of strategy. Let your consumers know that you have set more sustainable goals, and are working to back up your sustainable claims.


Implement Workable Sustainable Strategies


Take the time to the next step.


Be sure to begin.


Here at Haus of Hendricks, we’ve helped countless Dubai brands gain the edge they need today, and see for yourself what we can do for you.