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Navigating Brands Through the Age of COVID – 19

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Make no mistake, these are extraordinary times we are living in. While nature is pressing the reset butto the drawing board, and start laying out plans for the new world that’s sitting on the horizon.


COVID-19 has brought instability and upset tory.


Put simply, it’s time to start planning your navigation through the age of COVID-19 and engaging a brand agency that will see you through this difficult period.


A Dramatic Learning Curve for Every Brand


This is, to thrive in a post-pandemic society.


At Haus of Hendricks, we’ve always believed in the importance of agility and flexibility; it’s what allows us to a plethora of skills and experience, honed in an ever-changing set of industries, and primed for future growth.



Let’s take a look at how brands can get through the issues that COVID-19 has brought about, and the first steps they can take in order to come out the other side stronger, better, and with branding that reflects a whole new world.


Don’t Stop Investing in Marketing


During any normal period of shrinkage or recession, the sensible move for any brand is tors will fold, consumers will appreciate your steadfastness, and your brand will emerge stronger. The same is true for this crisis, although many would argue that the level of uncertainty right now is higher, as a result of both supply and demand-side effects, and the massive reduction in public presence and engagement various lockdowns have imposed.


Indeed, during normal recessions, it’s not particularly difficult to an impacted labour market, unwell or concerned workforces, or a lack in physical availability as the result of government measures.


As such, it’s not surprising if many brands wish to ensure they can hit the ground running once any and all restrictions are lifted.


The team at Haus of Hendricks pride ourselves on creating tailored brand strategies for companies of all types, and we’d be more than happy to discuss solutions that will work for you.


Brand Strategy and Making Human Decisions


Plenty of marketing teams and brands are stuck in the headlights right now. Maybe it’s due to grasp what their brand’s role and place in the market actually is. That’s fine – the best decisions often come from human instinct, and from branding agencies with their finger on the pulse of multiple industries and scenes.


One thing’s for sure, though: all the data points to a brand expert who can achieve this in style, you should be absolutely fine.


Just remember: in these times, people don’t want the same old corporate branding. They want tood, and that their best interests are at heart. Do the right thing, and then keep doing it once this is all over.


Strategically Plan for a Careful, Staggered Comeback


If right now is the right time for anything, then it’s time for planning. You might want to reduce your strategic planning and marketing ambitions.


The world is changing fast, and yet there’s a growing consensus that we won’t be going back to comfort your more cautious clientele.


Remember: we’re all in this tomers, and the society you are a part of.


Haus of Hendricks is here to come.


Executive Checklist


  • Has your business a cautious and staggered plan in place that is adaptable for the times of change that lie ahead?
  • Are you prepared to reflect a more empathic, personable, and humanised brand character?
  • Are you able to this area of your business?


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