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Our Methodology


Through our diverse team,
we are dedicated to
create like no other

Haus of Hendricks was born out of a mission: to enable and demystify the branding industry through
a transparent and sincere approach. We create iconic brands across the Middle East, Europe, and Africa.

Haus of Hendricks is a luxury branding, digital, and advertising agency. We are passionate about enriching
grass-root projects to radiate success. Based in Dubai, we channel poetic, conceptually strong, and visually
engaging design to build enduring brand equity.

Your Creative
Problem. Solved

Based in Dubai, Haus of Hendricks is committed to realising your brand potential and helping attract, dynamise, and inspire loyalty in your clientele. From corporate branding and rebranding via innovative and creative design, to launching integrated campaigns that capture the nation’s imagination, we provide eye-catching solutions for enduring success.

Since 2017, Haus of Hendricks has produced high performance marketing solutions to clients seeking a competitive edge. With our art-driven visual media and concise creative branding packages, our clients win bids, secure essential funding, and make deals happen.

Branding Solutions

No matter if you’re an aspiring individual, a small business or independent start-up, or an established large-scale firm in need of fresh approaches or a luxurious new visage, Haus of Hendricks is here to provide creative brand strategy, build your client base, and help you stand out from the crowd.

Geographical Borders

Being based in Dubai, we’re perfectly poised to assist UK brands and international firms, opening doorways for expansion into the Middle East and all the possibilities it provides. No matter your requirements, Haus of Hendricks will provide the first-class service you need, and the expertise and consultancy that makes all the difference.

Why Working
Together Works

Collaboration provides the key to bold new visions and striking new strategies. That’s why we co-create with you and your team, and it’s why we foster a client-focused environment that allows aspiring visions to take flight. Our expertise, our leverage, and our proven results are a testament to our worldwide clientele, whose insight and finesse have led us to forge lasting connections across the globe.

You’re in Safe Hands

Central to branding and events management is the ability to envision exactly what our clients are seeking to project, and this is especially true when it comes to our bespoke event planning services. We strive to provide the timeless aesthetic, luxurious detail, and immersive experience that fits your brand values and business style, and as such, deliver happenings that not only achieve but exceed all their objectives.

Such results can only be attained via clear and open channels of communication, which allow our team to not only share a vision, but provide the guidance and insight that leads to success. Across years of experience covering a wide array of events, we’ve honed our skills to ensure we can craft, curate, and realise those visions, no matter how ambitious they might be.

Our Customers are
Central to Our Mission

We consistently aim for a flawless level of customer service, and maintain that our clients’ satisfaction is the key marker of our ongoing success. This is why we are committed to providing - from concept to completion - an utterly bespoke service throughout all that we do. Through our face to face meetings with clients, we can deepen our understanding of the minutiae of your aspirations, and formulate a personalised action plan that leads to the results you seek.

Always looking to go above and beyond in our branding, graphic design and events management services, Haus of Hendricks also brings clients the luxury packaging that provides that perfect finishing flourish. Thanks to our extensive network and industry insight, we can cover everything from PR boxes to handover gifts, and we work closely with Dubai’s most prestigious real estate developers to ensure a consistent essence of opulence and luxury. This is how we have fostered our impressive roster of high-end clients, and it’s why our experience and skills have been trusted for many years.

Let’s start a Conversation

If you seek a luxury branding agency in Dubai, and require creative solutions to help your business thrive, get in touch today to discuss your visions, aspirations, and project plans with Haus of Hendricks. We’re impartial, approachable, and deeply passionate about what we do best. Going above and beyond, dreaming big, and thinking outside the box forms the basis of our working day, allowing us to provide the creative results that transform brand potential into something spectacular.