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Bridging Geographical Borders Through Communications

The world of marketing, PR, and sales strategy is full of moments - those flashes of inspiration that come, go, and ultimately find themselves forgotten. At Haus of Hendricks, we believe in laying the necessary groundwork, assessing where your competitive edge lies, and getting right under the skin of your consumers, ensuring that impactful moments become game-changing movements for you and your industry as you scale.

Haus of Hendricks knows that real success arises from innovative strategies and actionable road maps, which in turn open doors for meaningful new opportunities and exciting new perceptions.

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Customised Coverage for Unique Brands

Our expert team of PR strategists and communicators have built a powerful network covering online and offline media touchpoints, capable of engaging the movers and shakers in your industry and beyond. From the very first moment, we’ll ensure that your story - in all its unique, individual, and unmistakable glory - shines brightly and boldly as it cuts through all the noise.

A Top-to-Bottom Bespoke PR Service

With Haus of Hendricks, we go beyond the basics to ensure a comprehensive, far-reaching, and impactful PR solutions for our valued international clients and partners. From feature development to PR activations, from media disruption to authentic influencer solutions, and from building media collateral to unmissable press releases, we raise brand awareness with a signature flourish and commitment to excellence.

Once we’ve applied our razor-sharp analytical eye to your audience criteria, have identified their key characteristics and desires, and have checked out where your competitive edge lies, we move into campaign mode; planning, implementing, developing and executing an outstanding PR strategy that not only meets your requirements, but exceeds them every step of the way.

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