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The Seven Signs of Resilient Leadership

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There is no single ‘cut and dried’ aspect of leadership that holds particular preference over another, just as there is no single attribute that successful leaders possess which leads to their effectiveness when it comes to managing and motivating teams. Rather, successful leadership is something that comes about as the result of a spectrum of positive traits, coupled with an insistent individualism that allows for innate talent and ways of seeing to shine.


Despite this, there are certain characteristics that great leaders do share, and attributes that leaders should aim to possess should they wish to aim further and higher in their leadership career. Sitting comfortably high on this list of positive traits is resilience; the attribute which allows leaders to quickly bounce back from failures or setbacks, and which allows them to regain focus, set wheels in motion against the prevailing winds, and keep the goal within their sights no matter what adversary they might be facing. This is especially true in today’s fast-paced, dynamic, and often stressful business environment – when the going gets tough, the tough better be resilient to see things through and get their plans across the finishing line.


Resilience and Branding


A resilient leader is one who has the insight to view failure as nothing more than a temporary bump on the road to success, and something which can be recovered swiftly and better educated on how to proceed. Leaders in possession of resilience see periods of turbulence as those filled with opportunity – such as the need for dramatic and bold rebranding in the age of COVID-19 – and as times in which a positive outlook is crucial. When faced with confusion or ambiguity, they continue moving forwards and avoid getting caught in ruts. Study after study after study has confirmed the importance of resilience as a leadership (and, naturally, and individual) trait… but how can resilience be maximised, and what exactly should leaders be aiming for in order to display and heighten their own resilience?


In this article, we’re going to be looking at seven key factors which single out resilient leaders, and which all leaders should be looking to integrate into their leadership character. Armed with this knowledge, you should be able to take your skills to the next level, and ensure that all setbacks are met with the resilience you need for success.


At Haus of Hendricks, we know what a big role resilience plays in branding strategy and your vision for your company. That’s why we place such an emphasis on leadership, and why we believe that branding and leadership go hand in hand. No matter what your branding difficulties or challenges may be, Haus of Hendricks has the skills, experience, and resilience you need for success.


Powerful Communication


There are those who act on their own, failing to inform others about their intentions. Then again, there are those who signal before making changes. The most resilient leaders are highly effective at signaling and clearly communicating their intentions to others. They are willing to assist others in understanding new directions and new strategies, which, in turn, helps others understand new directions, change, and allows for the management of expectations.




The most resilient leaders aren’t those who seem to know it all, and shun chances for learning. Indeed, the leaders who show the highest levels of resilience are, in fact, those who are the most open to feedback, and who actually seek out the feedback of their peers, team members, and management. Once feedback has been delivered, they also set about demonstrating genuine efforts to improve, as resilient leaders possess a strong desire to further hone their skills and abilities. This combination of both humility and coachability is a powerful mixture, and one which lays a strong foundation on which success can be built.


A Desire to Build Trust


Truly resilient leadership arises when people have the sense of security and freedom to bring others along. By developing trust, and being completely open to different insights and opinions, these leaders have the power to create strong teams bolstered by positive relationships. Any individual might be willing to make dramatic changes… but in order to get others to support that change, positive and trusting relationships are key.


Boldness in Risk-Taking


Resilient leaders are willing to try new ideas, leap into the unknown, and take the kinds of risks that bring about the greatest rewards. It’s easy for individuals to get stuck in ruts, in which they continue to go about the same way of working for years and years. That kind of approach might work perfectly well… right up until the moment the rest of the world changes, and they get left behind. Resilient leaders will make bold changes, take risks, and stay ahead of the curve.


Raise Up Others


The world’s most resilient leaders aren’t just interested in their own development, but actively take an interest in the development of others around them. After all, resiliency is needed most of all when failure is encountered, and developing others assists them in learning from their errors. This is related to a previous point – that resilient leaders ask for feedback – as those who want feedback for themselves are more likely to produce feedback for others, and provide the coaching and mentorship that leads to stronger, more effective teams.


Championing Change


Resilient leaders are always willing to change when required, and have the capacity to provide the right leadership to ensure their organisation will change accordingly, and with renewed goals in mind. Change requires courage, but it also requires clear insight and vision into where the business is heading.


Key Decision Making


Making decisions can be the trickiest aspect of a leader’s role, as nobody – no matter how informed – has access to all the data, or understands every possible eventuality. However, organisations relying on decisions being reached in order for action to commence, and forwards motion doesn’t initiate from skirting around the big choices to be made. The most resilient leaders are those who are not only effective at making decisions and moving forwards, but who are also quick to adapt should a wrong decision be made.


Haus of Hendricks: Leadership, Resilience, and Brand Strategy


These seven characteristics have proven, time after time, to be the bedrock on which resilient leaders are formed. Leadership is about many, many different things, and every leader has – quite rightly – their own way of going about their role and making the positive changes their business requires. However, without resilience and the characteristics outlined above, even the most proactive leader can become weighed down and give up before the opportune moments arise. As Cato said, ‘self doubt is a prelude to disaster’ – so be more resilient, and believe in your abilities to lead.


This is something we hold close to our hearts at Haus of Hendricks. Branding is, after all, about decision making, and ensuring that the decisions made are those capable of driving a company forwards into a new future. Resilience isn’t about digging your heels in, it’s about being open-minded, thinking outside the box, and being ahead of the curve. In our face-to-face meetings with clients, where our ideas are shared and our strategies are formulated, we believe in resilience coupled with creativity… and that’s how we provide the competitive edge your company needs.


Executive Checklist


  • Are there any areas on this list where your leadership and resilience could be improved upon, and what difference could it make if you did?
  • Can you use resilience and creativity to rebrand or relaunch during this difficult period?
  • How could branding play a role in becoming more resilient? Could a brand management agency help you become a more proactive and forward-thinking company?


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