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Italian Fine-Dining
Logo Design | Brand Identity | Brand Launch

Project Info

The Brief

DUOMO brings palatial luxury and timeless Italian sophistication to the heart of the Dubai dining scene. This breathtaking restaurant transports its guests into a multi-sensory realm of grandeur, elegance, and delight. While enjoying the array of delicious and authentic dishes available, guests can gaze at striking views of the Burj Khalifa, or immerse themselves in an opulent interior inspired by the Piazza Del Duomo in Milan.

Back Story

From its very conception, DUOMO was envisioned to be a truly opulent and immersive classical Italian dining experience, with no stone left unturned when it comes to authentic features and elegant flourishes. From the vast crystal chandelier in the waiting room, to the expansive interiors draped in Italian marble, every aspect of the space takes its inspiration from Milan’s iconic cathedral; albeit one with a view of Dubai’s breathtaking skyline. DUOMO embraces the theatricality of fine dining, elevating Italian cuisine to a truly unforgettable encounter with flavour, ambience, and finesse.

The Answer

Haus of Hendricks was commissioned to undertake the brand identity, logo development, menu design and development, and website design for DUOMO. It was clear the visuals and messaging for DUOMO had to combine the essence of classicism with a sharp, impactful and contemporary feel, highlighting the duality which makes this restaurant such a feature of the modern Dubai dining scene. Overall, the branding that our team came up with provides the impact and elegance that typifies DUOMO as a restaurant, and we were delighted to provide our services in achieving this particular set of goals.

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