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Dismantling Dynamics: CEO-Marketing Manager Relationships

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Bringing Marketing back on the table

“You’re either at the table or you’re on the menu”, that single line rightly sums up one of the worries currently facing to achieve a broader reach and increased sales, but this aspect is often overlooked.

As Mariam Mahmood, the founder of Haus of Hendricks, explains:

“Too often, we hear how the importance of marketing and the skills that marketing managers and teams bring tood and undervalued.

CEO’s and senior management frequently focus on service and sales areas as the main income generato see how marketing can become devalued quickly, internally and externally.

That’s why building a strong relationship between the CEO and the marketing manager is essential.”

Overcoming these boundaries in your workplace doesn’t have top.

Mariam shares her TOP 5 TIPS of how marketing managers can improve their relationship with the CEO:


CEO-Marketing Manager Relationships


Monitoring and evaluation

Return on investment (ROI) is often linked to provide insights for a more efficient process.

Keep marketing on the agenda

Schedule in regular catch-ups with the CEO top and the benefit their areas will receive with your support, they’ll soon be on board.

Make the CEO your brand ambassador

Your staff wants to provide your spokesperson with the most efficient and concise content management services.

Make them a part of your team

See the CEO (and wider work force) as an extension of the marketing team. Every conversation, meeting or social media update is as important as a scheduled campaign. Brief the CEO (and wider staff) on the campaign and the role they can play in ensuring its success. While briefing can be challenging at times, Haus of Hendricks is prepared to offer tips and speaking points that would ease your experience as a team.

Plan ahead

Work with the CEO to achieve your goals.

If you need support evaluating your brand or planning your marketing activities for the year ahead, book in for your FREE ten-minute telephone consultation with Haus of Hendricks at hausofhendricks.com

Still not sure what to do?

At Haus of Hendricks, we have worked in the industry for over 10 years, exercising some of the world’s best brands and advising those who are just starting out. Our team of creative people will breathe life intoday.