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Leadership in Action: Post-Pandemic Competitive Positioning

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It’s been a to come.


Alongside the severe humanitarian and health crises caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, brands and executives across the globe have faced a vast array of unexpected and unprepared-for challenges: custory modifications have swooped in thick and fast, supply chains have faced major interruption, and unemployed and market collapses have caused huge uncertainties and fluctuations.


In the same way as the health and humanitarian aspects of the crisis need ways to start laying the groundwork for recovery now, or risk missing the lifeboat entirely.


Strategists have long since identified the ‘five P’s’ of strategy: plan, ploy, pattern, position, and perspective. Here at Haus of Hendricks, we’ve been working on five different P’s for a very different time: positioning, planning, perspective, preparing, and (branding) projects.


Let’s take a look at five questions that can help companies find their way back from the bring in a post-pandemic business sector.


What’s Your Attainable Position, Both During and After the Pandemic?


In order tors, and how can your branding efforts help you stand out from the crowd in this difficult time?


It’s also key for you to rethink your brand strategy, and result in you leading the market following the pandemic?


For every firm questioning their viability in a post-pandemic world, there is another that is accelerating their growth, investing in reinvigorated and reimagined marketing techniques, and rebranding for an altered market and a changing world. Have no doubt: now is the time tomer base needs.


What’s Your Bounce Back Plan?


All good plans are, at essence, a reliable course of action that point the way to succeed in the post-pandemic world.


This, as you might expect, comes down once again to make that happen in style.


How Will Your Identity, Company Culture, and Sense of Perspective Change?

Perspective is all about how a company sees itself, and the world in which it exists. It’s likely that both your company culture and identity will change – just like everything else has – as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Crises have a nifty way of uniting people and giving rise toicism and endurance, but they can also build walls that separate people and communities.

It’s hugely important to an end.

What New Branding Projects Does Your Company Require?

Your thoughts and answers to branding agencies for assistance.

If you’re struggling with anything in this respecting, know that Haus of Hendricks has your back. Our team’s expertise in assisting companies in branding, rebranding, and marketing strategy is second-to these difficult times, yet every bit as inspiring and motivating as it should be.

How Prepared is Your Company to Make Your Plans and Projects Happen?

Finally, you’re going to remote working impacted this positively or negatively?

Remember, adapting to invest in branding and marketing, and get those wheels in motion!

COVID-19 has impacted the world in unprecedented ways, and for all we know, things aren’t going back to bounce back, and doing so will not only help your teams and your industry, but will help the whole world become more resilient and united.


Executive Checklist


  • Do you have a bounce-back plan laid out, and does it take rebranding into consideration?
  • What are your long term goals post-pandemic, and how has your industry changed? Knowing this will help your plans become more concrete, and your goals more attainable.
  • Are you prepared to marketing and branding strategy and development, and sit down with a brand expert who can flesh out plans for moving forwards?


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