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The Golden Age of Female Entrepreneurship

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Who runs the world?


2021 might be looking uncertain at present, but one thing is for sure: it will be the year in which the forces of feminism and entrepreneurialism fully converge, and to the economy, consumers, and society alike.


This surge, while bubbling away for some time, will ultimately come down to a number of converging forces. These include:


  • The ever-increasing recognition that startups led by women are as successful, and often more successful than those run by all-male teams. Indeed, the numbers have long since reported this trend, with First Round Capital reporting that women-led companies enjoy 63% more performance than similar players run by men.


  • A critical mass of successful and inspirational female entrepreneurs, blazing trails for others to follow. Businesses such as TheRealReal, Spanx, 23andMe, Rent the Runway, Karma, AppTech – and literally thousands of others – are breaking new ground and building a foundation for female-led business success.


These companies, and others like them, are making headway by carving out a female-friendly business environment. They refuse to play by boys-club rules, never asking for permission or taking second place. Furthermore, the sheer breadth of ground that they cover is banishing the notion of what a female-led business can be. We’re beyond the realm of home economics and makeup… and we’re not looking back.


  • There is a developing ecosystem out there which is offering a workable, reliable, and results-driven support network for women entrepreneurs. From coaching to take over.


  • The cost of technology is coming down rapidly, allowing entrepreneurs of all backgrounds to get the ball rolling, and start the businesses which reflect their vision.


  • Other business costs are plummeting to benefit women more than men.


  • There are more sources of funding for female entrepreneurs than ever before, from micro-financing projects too, is de rigueur for many new businesses, bringing another form of funding possibility where previously there were very few options out there.


Underpinning these forces is something equally important: a fast-developing recognition that it isn’t merely a handful of female entrepreneurs who can make it, as was the case in the old days when one seat was reserved at the corporate table for women. Today, and for the future, there’s an understanding that there’s room in the pie for all of us to face.


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Success Begets Success


As more and more female-led companies find success, the venture capital funds will start flooding intom lines mean, well, pretty much everything, these seismic shifts will eventually come about driven by revenue and consumer behaviours.


Such women-run companies will not only make the economy grow, but they will also make the lives of the women who work for the better, and will improve the lives of women who benefit from their products and services. Make no mistake: we are entering a golden age of female entrepreneurship, and we’ve gotten here through consistent effort, vision, and refusing to back down in the face of adversity. This is the beginning of a monumental transformation in society, and one which has been a very, very long time coming.


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