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Dawn Designs

Bespoke Furniture Design
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Project Info

The Brief

Nour Al Attar is a visionary interior designer who revels in out-of-the-box thinking, and whose collections and individual pieces of Interior Décor reveal her passions and unique visual language. Taking her inspiration from environmental issues imbued with luxury flourishes, her style called for branding that was evergreen, exotic, and opulent, thus perfectly reflecting her creations.

Back Story

Perfectly balancing the world of luxury design with the beauty of nature, Dawn Designs is a collection of bespoke items of furniture which not only delights its high-end clientele, but which also raises awareness of environmental issues. Our client’s collections balance their unique and exotic appearance with the utmost in quality, and are primarily manufactured in Holland, Italy, and Portugal. The client envisions global expansion in the future, but is currently focused on mastering the GCC market.

The Answer

It felt vital that the brand reflected elements of the natural world and the rainforest, and found inspiration in the elegance and luxury of the curves found in foliage and nature. The design, therefore, is an interpretation of the various sensory delights that the rainforest’s unique structure provides. Creating this brand alongside the vision of Dawn Designs was nothing short of euphoric!

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