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Creating a Sustainable Brand in Dubai

Sustainability is so much more than a buzzword – not least in the wake of the global pandemic, when consumers have awoken more than ever to the responsibilities of their favourite brands to provide a more caring, nurturing, and conscientious approach to consumerism.   Dubai is a city which consistently looks to the future, adopting

5 Key Tips For Taking Your Business International

We live in a deeply interconnected world, with networks criss-crossing the Earth, and global markets reforming the way we do business on a daily occurrence. It can be both easy and tempting – in this age of online markets and internet-based audiences – to believe that any brand in possession of a website and an

Responding to Local Competition as a Global Brand

Large-scale global brands – those which are well placed within the $1.2 trillion consumer goods industry – have found themselves subject to a competitive alarm clock in some unlikely places: namely, Indonesia, India, Brazil, and China. The top brass of many well-established brands have heard the ringing of the alarm bells for some time… and

Leadership in Action: 3 Daily Steps for Setting the Tone of Company Culture

Inspiring and effective leadership – and management that brings significant and enduring differences to a business – isn’t something that comes about overnight. Companies have an organic component to them; they respond to stimuli, they require cultivation, and only when a wide array of different components are in place and ticking along correctly, will they

The Seven Signs of Resilient Leadership

There is no single ‘cut and dried’ aspect of leadership that holds particular preference over another, just as there is no single attribute that successful leaders possess which leads to their effectiveness when it comes to managing and motivating teams. Rather, successful leadership is something that comes about as the result of a spectrum of

Leadership in Action: Post-Pandemic Competitive Positioning

  It’s been a tough period for us all throughout 2020, and there’s no real guarantee that our collective woes and an altered way of living will be much brighter in the year – or even years – to come.   Alongside the severe humanitarian and health crises caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, brands and

The Golden Age of Female Entrepreneurship

Who runs the world?   2021 might be looking uncertain at present, but one thing is for sure: it will be the year in which the forces of feminism and entrepreneurialism fully converge, and together, they’ll usher in a new dawn of female entrepreneurship. The results will benefit all of us; empowering the women making

5 Unmissable Tips for Successful Rebranding Post-Pandemic

The storm of COVID-19 will undoubtedly pass. However, the world it leaves behind will be, without a shadow of a doubt, a significantly different place. People all across the world will be thinking differently, behaving differently, and consuming in markedly different ways. Indeed, we have already seen the beginnings of this shift right across the

Bring on the Disruption: Brand Growth in the Era of COVID-19

OK – it’s more than fair to say that 2020 didn’t turn out quite the way any of us planned. With the COVID-19 pandemic causing disruption in every country, across every industry, and in every economy, you’d be forgiven for thinking that this isn’t the time to start planning big and expanding your horizons.  

Navigating Brands Through the Age of COVID – 19

Make no mistake, these are extraordinary times we are living in. While nature is pressing the reset button, the future is looking uncertain (to say the least), and economies across the globe are scrambling for stability, business and brand owners have little choice but to dial up the agility, get back to the drawing board,